When your organization or industry is going through lots of change and feeling stressed, this keynote offers practical strategies and a few laughs!

Between fluctuating economic conditions, geo-political activity, or even the weather, nearly every day there is something new to respond to in your organization, business, or team. It’s easy to feel stressed and want to withdraw. But, that’s the opposite of what successful people do!

In this interactive session, learn:

  • 4 secrets of successful businesswomen in tough times
  • The fundamental choice everyone must make when responding to change
  • Fail-proof evidence that you are already resilient in the face of change
  • The new and improved definition of failure that won’t let you down
  • The #1 motivation-killer during times of change and how to avoid it

“I got the adrenaline shot of courage that I had long been searching for.”
– Leizel Parks, Booz Allen Hamilton

“I wanted an opening with great positive energy, practical ideas and spot on topic. Mary delivered! Her interactive session kicked things off exactly how we needed and set the tone for the entire event.”
– Tracie Grady, Virginia Society of Association Executives

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