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Special 90 Day Membership to Survive + Thrive During the Coronavirus Crisis

Membership is Now Closed!

I don’t need to tell you what’s going on and how hard it is to stay positive, especially about your business. Suddenly, it’s all about surviving. What you, me and every women entrepreneur really wants right now is to generate enough revenue to keep going. I believe it can be done.

You’re not wearing that red cape for nothing!

Me, either! I’ve thrown on my red cape and have a new way to help you get through Q2. But first…so you know…

Maybe we’ve known each other for a while now, maybe we’ve just met, or maybe we’re new to each other. Either way, it’s important to me that you know I’ve spent the last 20 years inspiring women in business to believe in themselves and create the careers, businesses, and lives they love.

Several years ago, I started to focus exclusively on coaching women entrepreneurs. The explosion of women starting businesses is exciting, but 88% still make less than $100K. I’ve been working with motivated women entrepreneurs to help change that.

Last year I launched the REV UP Society, an ongoing tribe of liked-minded women entrepreneurs who have thrown on their capes to create a 5-figure business and seriously want to fly higher by generating 6-figure revenue.

Society members’ red capes were flying high, businesses were revving up, and I was just about to open up membership when the coronavirus crisis happened. And suddenly how the Society was designed and operated no longer worked.

In a coronavirus world, having in-person events, including a 2.5 day retreat didn’t work. The frequency of personal coaching wasn’t enough to keep adjusting. Making a 12-month commitment didn’t make sense with so many unknowns.

Still, REV UP Society members need each other now more than ever!

To Get Thru Q2 You Need to Recalibrate, Review, + Re-energize

Your business CAN survive and you CAN get thru Q2 if you focus on 3 critical, strategic activities:

  • Re-calibrate: Create a revised revenue plan with updated product/service offers to help your ideal clients thru the crisis, revised marketing and messaging that directly relates to the crisis, get full clarity on expenses, and be super smart about forecasting cash flow.
  • Review: Keep an active pulse on your new plans. Get continual feedback, guidance and support to adjust along the way.
  • Re-energize: Stay connected to a group of entrepreneurs who are trying to be as positive and committed to successfully getting through Q2 as you are.

Mary is a true expert and a great coach. She has the uncanny ability to look at things in a big way, and then help you figure out all the important steps to take to tackle any business issue. I have gone from scattered on steroids to focused on fire.

Lisa Dearden, Chiknegg.com

90-day REV UP Society “Get Thru Q2” Membership

I want you to survive emotionally and financially for the next 90 days Q2… and thrive when the crisis starts abates. That’s why I’ve created a special 90-day REV UP Society “Get Thru Q2” membership.

Because cash flow is critical, I’m offering this REV UP Society Q2 membership at a fraction of the normal investment. I want to do my part to help women entrepreneurs like you make it through this crisis and come out stronger because of it.

Here’s what the REV UP Society includes for the next 90 days for you to recalibrate your business plan, regularly review and adjust, and keep re-energized:

#1 – Three Virtual Mini-Workshops to Re-calibrate Your Business

Let’s get working on your revised revenue plan, get full clarity on expenses, and super smart about forecasting your cash flow. We will kick off Q2 with these interactive virtual mini workshops using Zoom meetings and breakout rooms.

Virtual Workshop: Re-calibrating Your Business: What Problems You Solve for Whom…Now!

You need to make sure you understand how the problems you solve have changed, who is your ideal client in today’s crisis, and how you need to modify your service/product offerings. In this mini workshop we will create a “before and after Coronavirus” view so you are crystal clear. This clarity will increase your confidence about the best use of your time and money in Q2.

Virtual Workshop: Re calibrating Your Marketing + Messaging

What you do and say MUST be relevant to what your ideal clients are facing now. In this mini workshop we will create your short list of most impactful Revenue Generating Activities (RGAs) for Q2 and your top 3 messages to reach out to existing clients and attract new ones.

Virtual Workshop: Creating a Realistic Cash Flow Forecast for Q2

Now more than ever you need to manage your money to keep your business going and growing. In this special session, CFO and REV UP Society member Ellen McIIhenny will show you how to create your own cash flow projections and how to use a simple approach to manage your cash flow through Q2 (and beyond).

#2 – Twice a Month Personal Coaching Sessions 

Twice a month for the next 90 days (a total of 6 sessions) you and I will meet one-on-one for 50 minutes for personal coaching via Zoom. This is all about YOU and implementing your “Get Thru Q2” plan for YOUR business. All coaching sessions will be recorded so you can replay to mine ideas and inspiration.

#3 – PLUS Laser Coaching When You Need It

Timely action is key during a crisis. So, when something comes up that can’t wait for your next one-on-one session, you can reach out to me for a quick 15-minute laser coaching session.

#4 – Monthly REV UP Society Virtual Rendezvous

The roller coaster feelings as you go thru Q2 are real! That’s why it’s critical to experience the energy of a group of women who get it and help you regain your mojo. In each monthly virtual rendezvous, we will celebrate wins (yes, you will have them!) and brainstorm solutions to your speed bumps so you can keep your red cape flying.

#5 – RGA Challenge

Creating and maintain a daily habit of hustle with heart is more essential than ever during this crisis. The RGA (Revenue Generating Activities) Challenge is where you commit to doing and posting on the REV UP Society Facebook page at least 3 RGAs a day. The feeling of confidence is priceless!

#6 – Private REV UP Society Facebook group

A simple, powerful way to stay connected to REV UP Society members. You will get daily posts to motivate, inspire or make you laugh. Plus, it’s your Q2 community to post questions, get feedback, share successes, and ask for support. 

#7 – Weekly REV UP Society Virtual Happy Hour (priceless!)

Taking a big exhale with those going through the same things is even more important than ever during a stressful time. Every Thursday @ 4:30 pm you’re invited to grab a glass of something, exhale, and smile and remember what it feels like to BE HAPPY during our virtual happy hour!

Mary cut through the confusion with strategies that worked.  She truly cares that you succeed and always went above and beyond to help me get there. I have a new level of confidence. Follow her; she knows the way.

Yolanda Gray, Holistic Life Coach

What’s Your Investment to Keep Your Cape Flying During the Coronavirus Crisis?

Even in a crisis, some argue more so, it’s critical to make strategic investments in yourself and your business.

I meant it when I said that I want to do my part to help women entrepreneurs make it through this crisis and come out stronger because of it. Normally, a REV UP Society 12-month membership is $7500.

I’m offering a limited number of REV UP Society “Get Thru Q2” memberships for only $750 (yep, 10% of the usual investment)! Plus, you have the option of paying $750 in full or paying $250/month for April, May, and June. (And you can use PayPal Credit to pay now and pay back later!)

Membership Spots are Limited!

Deadline to join is Mon, April 6th

Membership is Now Closed!