Membership for Q3/4 is now closed.

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You did it! You got through Q2!

You adjusted to stay at home and figured out how to stay in business!

You continued to hustle with heart. LOTS of heart!

You made progress and got stronger!

You didn’t give up!

As business re-opens, it’s time for your 2020 reVISION!

Remember your 2020 Visions in January?

Yeah, then COVID hit and everything changed.

Now you have a much clearer pictures of what the world looks like.

The second half of 2020 is in front of you

What do you want…now?

What’s your revenue plan…now?

How will you manage cash flow…now?

Who is your ideal client during re-opening?

What problems do your ideal clients have now…and how will those problems change during re-opening?

Will you do anything differently to solve those problems now…and as things change?

What are your most effective Revenue Generating Activities for people to hire or buy from you now…and as businesses open up?

What’s your plan to continue to review and adjust as things change?

How will you stay motivated through speed bumps and setbacks over the next 6 months?

Who is part of your support system to keep going and growing in Q3 and Q4??

Fly your cape higher + thrive with

REV UP Society: 2020 reVISION

The REV UP Society is a group of like-minded women entrepreneurs who are as committed to growing their business as you are!

Here’s what the REV UP Society: 2020 reVISION includes for you to re-calibrate, review, re-imagine and re-energize the rest of your year:

#1 – NEW + EXCITING! 6 Week Program: Cash Flow Confidence for Small Business during Re-Opening + Beyond ($1200 value)

This is a game-changer! Tapping into the expertise of CFO and REV UP Society member Ellen McIIhenny, we will kick off Q3 focused on 3 essentials to maintain and strengthen your cash flow during re-opening and beyond!

The idea for this program came as a result of Ellen re-calibrating her business services during Q2. The REV UP Society is the FIRST group of small business owners to experience her new program!

In these 6 weekly hour-long virtual sessions, you will learn:

  • practical approaches (and tools) to forecast and manage your cash flow that don’t require an accounting degree
  • the risk of “client concentration” and how to remedy it
  • a simple, powerful way to have less “feast or famine” and more of a “steady diet” of even cash flow

Each session will include plenty of time for questions and will be recorded for replay.

#2 – Monthly Personal Coaching Sessions ($1800 Value)

Each month you and I will meet one-on-one for 60 minutes for personal coaching via Zoom. This is all about YOU creating, adjusting and implementing your 2020 reVISION plan. All coaching sessions will be recorded so you can replay to review ideas and inspiration.

#3 – Laser Coaching When You Need It ($1000 Value)

Timely action is key during a crisis. So, when something comes up that can’t wait for your next one-on-one session, you can reach out to me for a quick 15-minute laser coaching session.

#4 – End of Month REV UP Review Rendezvous + Happy Hour ($1800 Value)

The ups and downs of re-opening and re-visioning are real! That’s why it’s critical to experience the energy of a group of women who get it and help you regain your mojo. Near the end of each month, grab a glass of something, exhale, and smile as we gather virtually to celebrate wins and brainstorm solutions to your speed bumps.

#5 – RGA Challenge ($2500 Value)

Creating and maintain a daily habit of hustle with heart is more at the core of any successful business. The RGA (Revenue Generating Activities) Challenge is where you commit to doing and posting on the REV UP Society Facebook page at least 3 RGAs a day. The feeling of confidence is priceless!

#6 – Private REV UP Society Facebook group ($1000 Value)

A simple, powerful way to stay connected to REV UP Society members. Expect daily posts to motivate, inspire or make you laugh. Plus, it’s your community to post questions, get feedback, share successes, and ask for support. 

#7 – (OPTIONAL ADD ON) REV UP Retreat at the reduced registration rate of only $500! ($1000 Value)

The REV UP Retreat is a 2.5 day in person experience held Aug 20 – 22, 2020. The private retreat house (next to an apple orchard!) is in Rustburg, VA. It includes numerous beautiful bedrooms and bathrooms, several large seating areas, big kitchen, and a wide open porch. Plus, we will have a personal chef!

With a clear view of your cash flow, we will review, re-calibrate and re-vision what problems you solve, who are your sweetest spot clients, and what marketing, promotional and revenue generating activities have the most impact to achieve your goals now during re-opening.

You will leave with a personal Simplified Plan and renewed confidence to keep your business revved up – all in a supportive, fun environment!

Space is limited and bedrooms selected on a first snagged basis.

What’s your investment to join

REV UP Society: 2020 reVISION?

Here’s a summary of what you get when you join the REV UP Society: 2020 reVISION from July 1 – Dec 31, 2020:

#1 – NEW + EXCITING! 6 Week Program: Cash Flow Confidence for Small Business during Re-Opening + Beyond ($1200 value)
#2 – Monthly Personal Coaching Sessions ($2500 Value)
#3 – Laser Coaching when you need it ($1000 value)
#4 – End of Month REV UP Review Rendezvous + Happy Hour ($1500 Value)
#5 – RGA Challenge ($1500 Value)
#6 – Private REV UP Society Facebook group ($1000 Value)
#7 – (OPTIONAL ADD ON) In person REV UP reVISION Retreat for reduced registration rate of only $500! ($1000 Value)


Your investment: $500/month for 6 months OR a $2750 single payment.
The REV UP Retreat is an additional $500 (Society members rate).

Is the REV UP Society: 2020 reVISION right for you?

  1. Are you aiming to generate revenue of $100,000 or more?
  2. Are you truly serious about revving up your business to a new level?
  3. Are you a busy tired squirrel, feeling alone, and yearning for a simpler path to your goals?
  4. Have you been looking for a group of smart, positive, and supportive women who are just as committed to revving up their business as you are?
  5. Do you want a go-to business coach for personal clarity, break throughs and when “ack!” happens?
  6. Do you want a practical, fun, supportive way to keep you hustling, motivated and on track to “do the work” that’s required to take your business where you want it to go?

Membership Limited to 15 Women Entrepreneurs!

Deadline to join is June 30th.
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Membership for Q3/4 is now closed.

Click here to book a call with Mary to talk about the next enrollment period