Being a woman entrepreneur is amazing…except for making money

You work hard to attract clients. But marketing is complicated, tedious and exhausting. You aren’t generating the revenue you really want.

You just want to help others, do what you enjoy, and get well paid. It’s easy to feel discouraged and frustrated. 

Time for a better way.

A simpler way.

A smarter way.

But first…

I’ve been there

After I left a decade-long corporate career with AOL and became an entrepreneur I struggled with lots of doubts about what I was doing and how. I spent a lot of time and money – too much – learning and trying to find answers.  I gained a lot of useful knowledge and used it with some success an author of 3 books, keynote speaker, radio show co-host, career mentor, and panel facilitator. 

But, I still felt frustrated that I wasn’t meeting my goals, that I wasn’t reaching my true potential.

They say when the student is ready the teacher will appear.  That’s when I met David Newman, small business marketing expert and author of DO IT! Marketing.  What he showed me changed everything.

I started to narrow my focus on the most important activities to grow my business — and let the rest go.

I became far more confident about how to generate more leads, better prospects, and create more clients with practical, specific marketing and selling strategies. 

I started to consistently reach out and engage in activities that mattered the most to making an impact on others AND my bank account.

I began to experience my biggest revenue days and believed I was starting to experience my real potential. My red cape was flying high and it felt freaking amazing!

So I started to  I started to work with women entrepreneurs as a business coach through one-on-one personal coaching and small groups.  The results were real!

“Working with Mary, I have gone from scattered on steroids to focused on fire! The difference is unbelievable. I’m a lot more confident about my business and on the right track!”

Lisa Dearden, Food Entrepreneur,

“Under her positive, supportive and empowering leadership, The Green Kitchen has been thrust into a new light with very attainable perspective and focus. My personal chef business increased by 25% and I’ve never had a busier catering season with a 50% increase. Working with Mary is one of the best investments I have made for my business.”

Tammy Brawley, Owner + Chef, The Green Kitchen 

Here’s how you can fast forward to real revenue…

REV UP Accelerator Retreat

Nov 5 – 7, 2019

Charlottesville, VA

In just 2 and a half days, you will get the clarity, confidence and create a simplified plan to get more clients + generate revenue!

7 steps to throw on your red cape and REV UP your business!

Chances are, you and I have already have had a chat. But, if not, let’s schedule one ASAP. Just use the button below!

A common challenge for women entrepreneurs is that we see a lot of problems and want to help everyone. First thing we will do is help you be super clear on THE biggest, most valued problems you solve with your products or services. 

Next you need to know for sure who you most impact with your products or services. Using a series of questions you will laser in on understanding your best buyers. And what to do about those who are outside your sweetest spot. 

It’s common to have so many ideas about how to grow your business that you try to pursue them all and don’t get enough traction in any of them. To sort through which ones you should focus on and which to let go, you will learn some Do It! marketing fundamentals that are too often lost in the sea of sexy marketing techniques, including:

  • A simple, powerful, savvy way to get prospects to say “yes” to talking with you
  • How to easily speak (and write) in ways that prospects believe you totally get them (because you do!)
  • 3 practical strategies to get more and better referrals without being cheesy

Then, using out your new clarity about the biggest problems you solve and for your best clients, you will create a simplified plan of your top products or services and a short list of specific Revenue Generative Activities (RGAs) have the most impact.

Consistently doing high impact RGAs will be your business growth super power! Learn the simple, powerful strategy of putting your Simplified Plan to work every single day. And, the mindset you need to stay on track.

Do the work of implementing your Simplified Plan and you will be rewarded. It’s even more exciting when you forecast your revenue over the next 12 month to see what’s possible! That’s what you will do with your own revenue forecast spreadsheet.

How do you know if the elements of your Simplified Plan are working? You will determine a simple measurement to evaluate how well your RGAs are working. Plus you will decide the frequency and format for you to review, learn and adjust your plan to keep it effective.

All in a supportive, fun environment at the Rockbrook Manor Retreat House!

Located near downtown Charlottesville, VA our Retreat House sets the perfect vibe for learning, creative thinking, laughing, and connecting!

This where we will…

  • Gather for all our learning and creative problem solving
  • Enjoy yummy, healthy meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner by Chef Tammy Brawley of The Green Kitchen!
  • Have fun making a dinner together under the instruction and guidance of Chef Tammy (wine optional, but recommended!)
  • Hang out on the front porch, back deck or comfy sofa discussing the meaning of life or your latest fave series on Netflix
  • Play pool or video games in the game room downstairs

A limited number of bedrooms (solo or shared) are available onsite for an additional, affordable rate on a first snag, first serve basis. Click here for the rates and details.

Agenda Overview

Mon, Nov 4: Feel free to arrive the night before (please, no earlier than 6 pm.) No dinner will be provided, but there are lots of restaurants nearby.

Tues, Nov 5: Breakfast starts at 8 am. Please arrive no later than 8:30 am. We start at 9 am and go until 5 pm. We will make dinner together that night starting at 6:30 pm.

Wed, Nov 6: Breakfast starts at 8 am. Please arrive no later than 8:30 am. We start at 9 am and go until 5 pm. Dinner at 6 pm.

Thurs, Nov 7: Breakfast starts at 7 am. Please arrive no later than 7:30 am. We start at 8 am and go until 11 am. Leave with an OMG, that was amazing kinda feeling!

“Mary’s energy, expertise, and amazing intuitive feedback enabled me to immediately get unstuck. I became clear on what was most important to growing my business.”

Yolanda Gray, Coach, Speaker, Facilitator

 How much for all this goodness?

REV UP Accelerator Retreat registration for a single women entrepreneur, including all meals, is $2000. Recommend a woman entrepreneur friend who also needs to rev up her business and you can come together for $2500 total!

Travel and lodging are additional. If you’d like to stay at the Retreat House, check availability here.

Is the REV UP Retreat right for you?

  1. Are you truly serious about figuring out what it takes to rev up your business to $100,000 or more?
  2. Are you ready to get more CLEAR and FOCUSED about who are your very best clients and why?
  3. Are you a tired squirrel and want a Simplified Plan with a short list of high impact activities to reach your goals?
  4. Do you want to recharge your marketing savvy and your growth?
  5. Do you want to be in a group of smart, positive, supportive Wonder Women entrepreneurs who are just as committed as you are to drive your business forward?
  6. Do you want to get re-energized and keep your red cape flying?

Registration Limited to 8 Wonder Women Entrepreneurs – Only 2 Spots Left!

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