“The difference between when I started REV UP and today is unbelievable! REV UP has changed my mindset completely. Before I was scattered. Now I’m super clear and totally focused on what makes me money and where I want to go. I’m consistently doing RGAs – revenue generating activities – and it’s paying off with new kitchen tenants and consulting clients.  Mary does an amazing job of breaking things down into manageable, objective chunks. I’m a lot more confident about my business and on the right track!”

Lisa Dearden, Food Entrepreneur, Chiknegg.com

YOU are a dreamer and a doer!

You are a woman entrepreneur with a desire to make our own way and to make an impact.

You are women willing to take the risk, to do the work, and to grow personally to fulfill your entrepreneurial dreams.

Chances are, you started your business with more passion than a plan.

Good for you. You started! You didn’t let the negative voices in your head or from others prevent you from going forward. You took action.

Chances are, somethings worked okay, others not so much. You’ve had some success, but you’ve also found that working hard and doing your best isn’t enough.  As much as you didn’t expect it to be easy, you also didn’t think that creating a successful business would be this hard. If only you had the magic wand that others seem to have to attract more clients, get more people to say yes, and generate more revenue.

Not that revenue is everything. Until you don’t have enough of it.  Then it eats away at your soul, messes with your confidence, and you start to wonder if you have to become an inauthentic sales person to just pay the bills.

Truth is, it’s a setup. Very few go from working for others – which is most of us – to working for ourselves and truly understand how to market and sell to create a successful business. Even if you had a sales position it was someone else’s stuff and someone else’s brand.  One of the scariest things is to sell YOU and what YOU have to offer (until you figure out how, then it’s sooo much easier than you thought.)

I’ve been there

After I left a corporate career with AOL and became an entrepreneur I struggled with lots of doubts about what I was doing and how (hint: read this part fast for effect!):

“Was I an author and speaker only?  Should I be a coach?  What about workshops?

How much should I charge?  How do I have the guts to ask for what I’m worth? Who would hire me and how do I even connect with them?

Ugh, I am sooo uncomfortable with selling, how do I get over that?  Exactly what should I say or do?  What marketing should I do online, offline and in person?

What should I do when a new idea comes to me and I get excited?  What about all these suggestions from others?

How come I still have so many questions? Was I totally nuts to become an entrepreneur?”

I felt confused, overwhelmed and often alone.

Finally, a breakthrough

I spent a lot of time and money – too much – learning and trying to find answers.  I gained a lot of useful knowledge, used it with some success, but still felt it wasn’t enough. It was like being at a party where you looked like everyone else, but wondered why others seemed to have much more fun.

Then I met David Newman, small business marketing expert and author of DO IT! Marketing: 77 Instant-Action Ideas to Boost Sales, Maximize Profits, and Crush Your Competition. What he taught me, what he showed me, and how he guided me changed everything.

I started to get far more focused on the most important activities to grow my business. And let go of the rest.

I became far more confident about how to generate more leads, better prospects, and create more clients because his marketing and selling strategies were practical, specific, and I could see myself doing them.

I felt supported in a way that I had never experienced as an entrepreneur.

His advice, insights and recommendations have had a huge impact on how I think and what I do to grow my business. My biggest revenue days have been because I applied David’s advice.

This experience led me to become a Certified DO IT! Marketing Consultant so that I could use his strategies, tactics and tools to help women entrepreneurs just like David helped me.


It’s time to generate the revenue you really want.

That’s why I created REV UP Intensive!

REV UP Intensive is a 90 day small group program for like-minded women entrepreneurs who truly want to get clarity and create the Habit of Hustle to generate the revenue they really want.  So you can make an impact on others as well as your bank account.  So you can speed up your success.

My biggest benefit from REV UP is gaining the confidence to do the follow-up that will bring me more business. I’m not afraid to ask for the sale! As a result, my sales are up 25% over last year.  Before REV UP I was feeling isolated in my own office and needed motivation. Sharing wins, voicing roadblocks, and being accountable filled in the missing piece. Today I’m running a better business with clear goals, planning, and marketing.

Sandra Hayashi, Realtor, ChesterHomeSearch.com

To REV UP your business you need to do this



That’s why REV UP Intensive works like this

#1 – REV UP Intensive is a 90 Day program. 

The reality is that it takes action over time to create results. Setting goals and creating a plan is critical but not enough. You need consistent follow-through. And you need to figure out what to do and how to keep going when speed bumps happen.

REV UP Intensive gives you the clarity, mindset and behavior of consistent action to start generating real results for your business.

#2 – We create your Simplified Revenue Plan. 

This is a 2-hour virtual (Zoom) or in-person (if in Richmond, VA region) session where we clarify your revenue goals, the top 3 ways to generate that revenue, and your personal short list of Revenue Generating Activities (RGAs) that are the best use of your time and energy to hit your goals.

#3 – You experience daily accountability and motivation to create the “Habit of Hustle” by posting 3+ RGAs in our private Facebook group.

This is what’s so unique about REV UP Intensive! Each day you will post at least 3 RGAs (Revenue Generating Activities), myself included! You can also post questions, get feedback, share successes, and ask for support.  I will continue to share resources and ideas to stoke your thinking and motivation. You will be AMAZED at your break-throughs and progress!

#4 – We celebrate wins and work through “speed bumps” during our monthly virtual REV UP Intensive meetings.

These sessions are designed to keep you focused on taking action on your goals, celebrate wins, and work through speed bumps and challenges with laser mentoring by myself and input for all members. All meetings will be recorded and available for replay until the next one.

#5 – Through the entire program you will have UNLIMITED priority access to me via email or phone calls (less than 30 minutes) for real-time questions, challenges or speed bumps that occur (and they will!). 

You need help when you need it.  That’s why an essential part of REV UP Intensive is having someone – me! – that you can reach out to anytime and know you’re not “bothering” me.  Just the opposite, I’m here to help you when stuff comes up. All you need to do is reach out.

“REV UP has exceeded my expectations! Mary’s energy, expertise, and amazing intuitive feedback enabled me to immediately get unstuck. I became clear on what was most important to growing my business. The program structure, accountability, and support gave me what I needed to gain the clients I was looking for and create and deliver high-value programs. Within 30 days I more than doubled my revenue of previous 6 months and upward trend continues! Most importantly, I gained a new confidence, which is priceless! I don’t believe I could’ve accomplished these goals as quickly without Mary and REV UP.”

Yolanda Gray, Coach, Speaker, Facilitator

#6 – You also receive these tools to help your marketing savvy and productivity. 

How could you NOT get a copy of  DO IT! Marketing: 77 Instant-Action Ideas to Boost Sales, Maximize Profits, and Crush Your Competition by David Newman when it’s done so much for me and I want it to do so much for you? Ok, then, you gotta have one, too!

Also, the Full Focus Planner™ perfectly aligns with the REV UP Intensive strategy for success. It is the intersection of annual goal-setting and daily productivity. Plus, it comes with a series of 12-short videos on how to use each element of the planner. If you already have a planner or system to be organized and productive, terrific! If you don’t or need a new option, this is one to try – and included in your REV UP Intensive investment.


What’s the investment?

The more important question is: What is it costing you NOT to have the clarity, confidence, and consistent action to produce the revenue you want?  $10,000? $25,000? $40,000? More?

And if you have the clarity, confidence, and consistent action, what will keep you on this path for even more success?

These are not hyped questions, but realistic ones. You need to know your own answers. REV UP gives you a real path to your success.

Your financial investment for the REV UP Intensive program is $2,500. Your investment of energy, effort and time will make your financial investment truly pay off.

REV UP Intensive isn’t for everyone.

If you believe it’s for you, let’s talk.