In 2 days, get the practical skills + immediate experience to easily engage, inform and attract prospects to grow your business!

September 23 + 20, 2020

8:30 am – 4:00 pm each day

Gather – Arts District

313 E. Broad St.

Richmond, VA

65% of women who give presentations to market their business “get through it” but wonder if they did OK”.

You want more than “ok.” You want your presentation to attract your ideal prospects, wow them with your generous expertise, and inspire them to want MORE with YOU!

“If only I knew how”

These are the top 5 speed bumps women entrepreneurs told me they want to get over so they can rock their presentations and grow their business:

“I want to know how to calm my nerves, stay focused, and not ramble.”

” I want to know how to organize my presentation so that I know where I’m headed and why.”

“I want to know how to easily interact and keep people’s attention!”

” I want to know how to best use slides and props.”

“I want to comfortably give a call to action for people to say ‘YES! I want to take the next step!”

Get Red Cape Certified and ROCK your next presentation!

In the Power Up Your Presentation workshop you will learn these 5 things and more.

You don’t have to be a “big” personality, super extroverted, or naturally funny to be a successful presenter. (In fact, sometimes those who are end up being very entertaining, but don’t walk away with new, quality connections for follow-up.)

The key to being a successful presenter is having a proven road map and practical skills to inform, engage, and attract prospects to grow your business.

Imagine taking your existing presentation – or creating a new one – and being super clear and confident about how to start, how to keep people engaged, and how to comfortably ask for people to take the next step. That’s what the Power Up Your Presentations Workshop is all about!


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Mary walked us step by step through the presentation process. Her pointers and examples were invaluable to me, especially since public speaking isn’t my strength. With her expertise and encouragement, even the faint of heart can present effectively. Her workshop was a smart business investment.

Dianne Hentzen, Owner, Caring Touch Concierge



This workshop is for women entrepreneurs who…

1.  Want to present more powerfully and confidently – because that feels good and because confidence attracts.

With a proven presentation road map that includes specific strategies and techniques, your confidence will increase because know for sure where you’re going and how to get there. Plus, you will have the rare opportunity to give them a test run and get personal feedback before presenting to a high-stakes audience.

2. Want to dramatically reduce the time it takes to create a new presentation so you can start using it sooner to attract new customers, clients, or donors.

No more wondering how to get started or sorting through a ton of possibilities. You will learn a presentation outline that will be your go-to road map that you can use again and again. For each “stop” on the map you will have a menu of options to choose from that are simple and effective.

3. Want to improve an existing presentation to produce better results – to get more prospects to say “Yes, I want more.” 

You will learn exactly how to improve 3 key parts of your presentation that will immediately ramp up your results: your opening, interaction techniques, and your “call to action.” You will get specific openers, engagement strategies, and sample call to action scripts that you can customize.

Why Mary Foley?

If you have ever seen Mary live, you instantly realize that one of her super powers is engaging a live audience. She instantly draws in your attention insights, candidness and humor. But, she’s the first to share that what she makes look easy is a proven approach that she has honed from thousands of hours as a corporate trainer, keynote speaker, and workshop facilitator.

In her Power Up Your Presentation workshop, she distills years of experience into the essentials that will truly make an immediate difference in your presentation impact.

Here’s what happens at the workshop

Workshop Part 1: Presentation Road Map, Strategies and Techniques

In this full day of interactive, practical (and fun) training you will learn these powerful techniques and immediately apply them to your presentation:

  • Practical ways to reduce anxiety and fear of public speaking before, during and after your presentation
  • How to write an presentation title that generates interest and attendance
  • A rock-solid presentation road map outline  you can use again and again
  • 5 options for a strong opening to immediately capture people’s attention
  • The magic ingredient to increasing your charisma without a “big” personality
  • What to do about those “um’s”, “ah’s” and “you know’s”
  • 7 proven interaction techniques to keep your audience engaged that are simple and don’t take a lot of time
  • When to transition from sharing your expertise to asking people to take the next step
  • How to craft a call to action with your own words using example starter scripts
  • 3 easy ways to make your last words simple, sweet and powerful


  • The Do’s and Don’ts of using slides so they work for you
  • At least 7 creative ways to use your presentation parts for other types of marketing
  • To have or not have handouts, that is the question!
  • The key to public speaking confidence that few bother to do


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I felt okay about my previous experiences in presenting, but knew there was more. What I gained was a versatile framework for planning my presentations for really connecting and communicating effectively with my audience.  I received encouragement as well as constructive feedback to make it much more powerful.

Lois Kniss,  Soul Gardening™ Mentor & Life Coach



Workshop Part 2: Personal Presentation Coaching

Take what you learned in Part 1 and IMMEDIATELY give it a test run and get valuable feedback in Part 2!

  • You will create a 10 minute presentation using the road map, strategies and techniques just learned.
  • You give your presentation to the group, immediately followed by personal coaching from me and feedback from the group. In this very supportive environment, you will better understand your strengths, gain valuable insights, and likely get a totally cool idea you didn’t even think of!

Upon Completion of the Power Up Your Presentation Workshop you will be Red Cape Certified!

After this workshop you will have a new super power – the knowledge and tools to throw on your red cape and rock your next presentation like never before! In fact, you will get your own red cape to prove it!

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The workshop was fantastic, and gave me the format, strategy, some content and inspiration to help me create presentations that will pull in money for my organization. Mary’s a real PRO! I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Lisa Dearden, Owner, Chiknegg




So that YOU get the attention and personal coaching to truly rock your next presentation, the Power Up Your Presentation workshop is limited to 8 women entrepreneurs.

The registration fee for other 2-day presentation workshops range from $1200 to $2100.  And none are totally focused on women entrepreneurs, or small business owners.

This 2-day Power Up Your Presentations Workshop held in Richmond, VA is $797!

Register by August 23, 2020 for the Early Bird rate of $697 ($100 savings)!

Your registration includes:

  • 2 full days of interactive training that’s practical and FUN!
  • personal presentation coaching in a group setting
  • priceless feedback and whoohoo’s from your workshop-mates
  • tasty lunches
  • the opportunity to return to the workshop again and again at no additional charge


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Mary’s years of experience as a nationally-recognized speaker, along with her “bodacious” personality kept us all tuned in to the power of creating an unforgettable presentation in your business.  I learned more in those sessions than I ever learned from webinars, seminars or books.

Yolanda Gray, Coach, Speaker, Facilitator



What are “less than” presentations costing YOU?

That’s the real question. If you’re not attracting enough prospects with your presentations, then you aren’t generating the revenue results you want and need. If you implement the skills, strategies and coaching in this workshop you will set yourself up to easily earn back the financial cost and much more. Of course, feeling confident that you rocked your presentation is priceless!