When you simply want a keynote message that’s fun, motivating, and just feels good!

Eighty-four percent of women take time to polish their nails. But, did you know that hidden in the steps to painting your nails are gems of inspiration to be your authentic self, thrive on change, and stay energized?

In this light-hearted, fun, encouraging session learn:

    • Whether mild or wild, what your favorite nail color reveals about you
    • Why trying new nail colors can increase your confidence
    • How “base coat” provides protection for your nails and success
    • A simple strategy to stay positive when “chip happens”

“It was a great choice to have Mary open our conference as she delivered 110%. Her energy was off the charts and the women responded.  And, she made my job so much easier by making sure all of my needs were met prior to the event. ”
– Shantera Chatman, Annual Women’s Empowerment Conference

“Very fun, funny, and entertaining! Nothing but good things to say about Mary.”
– Margie Wise, USDA

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