Fast forward your revenue

at the REV UP Accelerator Retreat!

Nov 5 – 7, 2019
Charlottesville, VA

In just 2 and a half days, you will get the clarity, confidence and create a simplified plan to get more clients + generate revenue!

Mary is a true expert and a great coach. She has the uncanny ability to look at things in a big way, and then help you figure out all the important steps to take to tackle any business issue. I have gone from scattered on steroids to focused on fire.

– Lisa Dearden, Chiknegg

Before Mary, I struggled to figure out the best way to grow my coaching business. Mary cut through the confusion with strategies that worked.  She truly cares that you succeed and always went above and beyond to help me get there. I have a new level of confidence. Follow her; she knows the way.

– Yolanda Gray, Holistic Life Coach


“Show YOU the REVenue” Coaching Session

In this 90 minute coaching session we will “do the math” and help you get your super focused on how you can generate more revenue in the next 90 days. It’s a great way to experience what it’s like to work together and get quick clarity, confirmation and cool ideas you haven’t thought of to reach out to clients, customers and prospects. 


Exceptional coach! She really listens to what I need and helps me break it down to manageable chunks. Mary provides insightful and practical solutions – all with enthusiasm, energy and expertise.

− Kim Brundage, Kim Brundage Photography

WOW! Such good energy AND directly relevant, immediately applicable coaching and advice. If you are looking for someone to guide and support you as you scale up your business, Mary’s your gal!

– Erin Leigh, Focal Coach &  Success Strategist


Personal Presentation Review

For those who have completed my Power Up Your Presentation Workshop and are Red-Cape Certified, this option is perfect when you have an existing presentation that you want to revamp, renew, or revise so that it truly rocks! We spend up to 2 hours going through your presentation making it sharper, better, and more impact so that you present with more confidence, engage your audience, and capture more prospects.


My ideas were all over the place, but step by step Mary led me through the whole process, figuring out my audience, developing content and how to deliver my final presentation to capture their attention throughout the session. Mary’s specific feedback and encouragement really boosted my confidence. She can truly give you the tools you need for your next speaking opportunity.

−  Sandra Long, Booz Allen Hamilton

Mary is amazing! I was working on making my presentations more interactive. Using her suggestions, I could not believe the response from the audience – instant energy and a renewed surge of interest that carried through my whole program. I have used her ideas and strategies ever since.

– Rosemary Rawlins, Editor, BrainLine Blogs, WETA


6 Month Personal REV UP Coaching Program

This option is perfect when you want to move to the next level in your business. We will map out a Simplified Revenue Plan to solve your most important marketing, revenue-generating or business building needs and then you get ongoing guidance and feedback every step of the way.

Six 90-Minute Rev Up Coaching sessions that are held once a month (6-months total).

Sessions are be conducted in person (in Richmond, VA) or by phone or Zoom (which can be recorded for replay and review so that you don’t have to furiously take notes.) During each session we will discuss your progress, generate real solutions to hurdles, and identify next steps.

From your first to your final session, you have unlimited, priority access to me via e-mails or brief phone calls to ask questions, provide updates, and send items to review. The idea is to keep things moving.

In addition, I openly share my personal contacts and resources that apply to your situation.


This was one of the best decisions I ever made. Mary has not only helped me rev up my business with her expertise and advice, but she has continuously supported me throughout my journey. Investing in Mary is the best ROI ever!

–  Shannon Loy, The Social Ginger

VIP Half-Day + 6 Month Personal Rev Up Program

This option is perfect when you want to fast-forward your progress with a concentrated half-day session totally focused on creating your revenue generating plan and figuring out the details of how to make that happen. Your VIP Half-Day is customized and totally focused on YOU! You then get six 90-minute Rev Up Coaching session as described above to implement your plan.


Mary truly 100% cares and gives you the best course of action in order to achieve your business goals. As a brand new business owner, I was not sure what my goals were but to grow. That is where Mary comes in and gives you ideas and direction and listens to you to get there.

– Shauna Kabatznick, Founder of FABWOMEN