Once upon a time, there was Panels 1.0

This was a way for a handful of experts to share their knowledge or point of view. Sounds simple enough, but they were chock-full of problems and people started to hate them.

Panelists gave boring mini-presentations. Too often one panelist had “diarrhea of the mouth” (seriously, one told me that). The moderator asked uninteresting questions, didn’t keep the conversation moving, or talked too much. And more.

Welcome to Panels 2.0: Above & Beyond Boring Panels

Not only are audiences so over the Panels 1.0 problems, they don’t want to just watch and listen to your special guests, no matter how interesting they may be (and, yes, they’d better be interesting!). They want to be a part of it.

That’s why I combined my skills as a radio show host, group facilitator, and “immoderate” moderator to create Panels 2.0. These are energizing, interactive sessions that go above and beyond boring panels.

Each Panels 2.0 session is customized to include a highly relevant topic and interactive segments to include everyone in the room, such as a flashcard game, table talks, Hot Seat Q&A, Snapshots of Success, and more.

The result is like that of a personal conversation where participants gain ah-ha’s, insights, and deeper connections.And your Panels 1.0 problems fade away…

“A rockin’ panel that could not have been done without your efforts!”
– Nakeina Douglas, Grace E. Harris Leadership Institute

“WOW! Our Extraordinary Women’s Exchange program could not have happened without Mary playing a critical role both in front of the audience and behind the scenes. I greatly appreciate her dedication and her excitement is contagious!”
-Stephanie Phillips, Director of Member Value and Engagement, ChamberRVA

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