Wonder Women Entrepreneurs

Women entrepreneurs. We are dreamers. Doers. In numbers like never before in history. Some of us are entrepreneurs by choice. Others by necessity. All of us are Wonder Woman: Passionate. Courageous. Bodacious.

And often struggling. Silently. Many times feeling confused, overwhelmed and uncertain about how to grow, build and adjust our businesses as things change. Wondering if we are worthy of our red cape. Wondering how to make the money we really want.

I help women entrepreneurs keep their red cape flying

Using hard-earned insights, strategic thinking, and lighthearted humor, I help women entrepreneurs gain the clarity, confidence, and consistency of action for red cape success – as a personal and small group coach, keynote speaker, and host of the P.O.W.E.R. Plug Podcast.

The goal is always the same: To replace confusion with clarity. To shift anxiousness into a success mindset. And to turn inconsistent action into the habit of hustle with heart. So you can wear your their cape proudly. So you can rev up your business and generate the revenue you really want.

Mary is a true expert and a great coach. She has the uncanny ability to look at things in a big way, and then help you figure out all the important steps to take to tackle any business issue. I have gone from scattered on steroids to focused on fire.

– Lisa Dearden, Chiknegg

How I earned my red cape

I first threw on my red cape when I ditched my engineering degree and decided to find a career I loved, which I did in the then unknown AOL. I started my 10-year career at AOL – when AOL was cool – as an $8 an hour customer service rep and rose to become the company’s first head of corporate training. It was exciting, it was fulfilling, and it wasn’t easy. But, it was worth it.

I threw on my red cape again when I decided to leave AOL and become an entrepreneur, inspiring women to create their own “bodacious” career and life. Whoa, was it harder than expected! Through ups, downs, successes and failures, I gained the knowledge, tools, and mindset that Corporate America could never provide. Some days my red cape was at the cleaners. But, I never gave up until I unlocked the keys to my sweetest spot for making revenue and making an impact. Today my biggest desire is to help other women entrepreneurs do the same.

During this journey, I’ve written three books, including Bodacious! Career: Outrageous Success for Working Women, co-hosted the radio show Girlfriend We Gotta Talk, and co-owned a boutique human resources consulting company that was acquired by a large consulting firm.

I was even asked to be on the cover of Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine (sweet!) and was spoofed on the E! Entertaining TV show The Soup for a humorous, motivational TV spot about what happened when I went to work without my pants (ouch, but it was funny!).

(Psst! If you’re wondering who took my amazing photos, it’s Kim at Kim Brundage Photography. She’s terrific!)

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