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“Working with Mary, I have gone from scattered on steroids to focused on fire! The difference is unbelievable. I’m a lot more confident about my business and on the right track!”

Lisa Dearden, Food Entrepreneur,

A common challenge for women entrepreneurs is that we see a lot of problems and want to help everyone. First thing we will do is help you be super clear on THE biggest, most valued problems you solve with your products or services. 

Next you need to know for sure who you most impact with your products or services. This is all about truly understanding your best buyers so you can find them and connect with them about their problems.

It’s common to have so many ideas to grow your business that you try to pursue them all and don’t get enough traction in any of them. Using your clarity about the biggest problems you solve and for your best clients, next step is to create a Simplified Plan with your top products or services and a short list of specific marketing, promotional, and reach out activities – or Revenue Generative Activities that have the most impact.

“Mary’s energy, expertise, and amazing intuitive feedback enabled me to immediately get unstuck. I became clear on what was most important to growing my business.”

Yolanda Gray, Coach, Speaker, Facilitator

Consistently doing high impact RGAs is your business growth super power! This means putting your Simplified Plan to work every single day. And, the mindset you need to stay on track.

Do the work of implementing your Simplified Plan and you will be rewarded. It’s even more exciting when you forecast your revenue over the next 12 month to see what’s possible!

“Under her positive, supportive and empowering leadership, The Green Kitchen has been thrust into a new light with very attainable perspective and focus. My personal chef business increased by 25% and I’ve never had a busier catering season with a 50% increase. Working with Mary is one of the best investments I have made for my business.”

Tammy Brawley, Owner + Chef, The Green Kitchen