5 Red Cape Ways to Rev Up Your Business

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You have the passion and a plan for your business. You work hard, put in long hours, and yet you feel like you’re hardly making real progress or getting results. You wonder what you’re doing wrong because it seems everyone else on Facebook is having fun, making money, and living the high-life.

Chances are you’re doing a lot of the things right. A few strategic shifts is likely what you need to generate the revenue you really want.

Time to throw on your red cape and be your own super hero! Here are five ways to rev up your business starting now!


1. Focus on a short list of your biggest revenue producers

Too often we have too many ideas, good ideas, about how to grow our business.  We try to pursue them all and we do not get enough traction or progress in any of them.

Imagine you have a cleared off your desk of all piles, folders, and clutter. Now put back only those few items that matter the most right now. Feel the “ahhhh…”?

Do the same to rev up your business. Pick 3 to 4 of your products or services with the best revenue potential and put all your energies there. That will mean saying “no” or “not now” to other good, decent, well-meaning products or services. That will likely mean putting your pet projects on hold. Don’t worry, you can always come back to them later.

2. Pick high impact Revenue Generative Activities (RGAs)

Now that you have your short list of your best revenue producing products and services, decided on the specific Revenue Generative Activities (RGAs) for each that have the most impact.

Everyone’s RGAs list is different, but they all are about reaching out, offering, and interacting with your perfect prospect. Examples of RGAs include:

  • Attending a high-impact networking event
  • Sending follow-up emails from people you meet at a networking event
  • Meeting with a prospect
  • Writing a proposal and sending it
  • Reaching out to past or existing clients to ask about their current challenges or needs
  • Sending a client appreciation gift and asking for a referral
  • Sending your e-newsletter or promotional emails
  • Giving a problem-solving presentation (see Red Cape Way #4 below)

3. Do 3 or more RGAs every single day

Consistently doing high impact RGAs is your business growth super power!

To rev up your business now, start doing at least 3 or more RGAs at least 5 days a week. Even with client work and other activities. They may take 30 minutes or 3 hours, but what is more important for growing your business? Nothing, absolutely nothing. So make them non-negotiable and arrange your other activities around them.

4. Prospect with presentations

What if you could speed up how many prospects you meet at a time? You can by giving presentations in person or online. Suddenly one-on-one is now one-on-some.

Think about the problems your prospect faces that are solved by your product or service short list (Red Cape Way #1 above). Then create one or more presentation topics addressing these problems by sharing your knowledge and expertise.

Of course, in a 45 or 60 minute presentation you can only start to show how to solve these problems. So, it’s essential to power up your presentations with engagement and easy way for those who want more to take the next step with you. Now your one-on-one conversations are far more qualified and worth your time!

5. Speak prospect

We’ve all heard people buy for those they know, like, and trust, right? When someone decides to work with or buy from YOU over others, in part it’s because they believe you truly understand their situation. Unfortunately, too many business people just dive in and start telling the person what their problem is and how to start solving it.

A simple, but powerful way for prospects to believe you truly you “get” what they are going through is to first ask good questions and listen carefully to the words and phrases others use to describe their problems, challenges, and aspirations. Then incorporate these same words into your response.

Want support to implement these 5 revenue generators in your business? My REV UP Program can help! Go here for details.



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