[P.O.W.E.R. Plug Podcast – episode 10] Why VoIP is a Faster, Cheaper, Better Business Phone System

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EVB POWER Plug Podcast - Why VoIP is a Faster, Cheaper, Better Business Phone SystemEver wondered if there is a faster, cheaper, better phone system for your small business? There is! It’s called VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol. If you’re not using VoIP chances are you’re paying too much and missing out on the incredible flexibility, features and customization.

That’s just one thing I learned talking with Dorothye Brodersen, co-owner and CFO of Infotel Systems in Richmond, VA. For over 20 years Dorothye and her husband Chuck have been providing businesses high-quality, reliable phone and data systems like the big companies but with the advantage of local, personal support. As technology has evolved, Infotel Systems has been right there to make the best options available, including the biggest shift in phone technology is decades.

Get your geek on to listen and learn:

  • What is VoIP phone service?
  • Why is it better and cheaper?
  • How can VoIP help my business?
  • Why should I switch if my current business phone system works just fine?
  • If I use VoIP can I stop carrying around and charging 2 mobile phones – one for business and one for personal?
  • What’s involved in making a switch for my business?


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