Another Year Hating What You Do or Loving Life?

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Another Year Hating What You Do or Loving Life?

Another year is about to unfold. Will you spend it hating what you do or loving life? You get to choose, you really do.

I’ve found that to be successful – really successful – you’ve got to love what you do. Not like it okay. Not do it because you know how. Not do it because you’ve invested so much time and energy into it. I mean LOVE it! The kind of love that makes you want to get up in the morning and get going. Because you believe what you do has meaning, significance, and fulfillment.

If these aren’t words that describe what you do day-in and day-out, then perhaps this year is the time to make a change, to step up to your big, bodacious moment – or BoMo as I like to say.

Ask yourself: How satisfied am I with my career on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being extremely satisfied)?

That’s the question I kept asking during my ten year career at AOL. Year after year my answer was a 7, 8, or higher. But when it dipped, I probed further with three real-deal questions, ones you can ask yourself, too:

  • Is my current role still interesting?
  • Do I enjoy others I work with everyday?
  • Do I believe I am being fairly compensated?

Several times this process helped me pinpoint changes I needed to make to boost my satisfaction. But when my rating continued to be below 6, I knew it wasn’t about making adjustments. It was about facing the fact that it was my time to go. My BoMo was at hand.

I still remember the scene. I was in my manager’s office after being away for several weeks attending grad school. He caught me up on what had happened while I was gone. I listened and took notes, all the while waiting to find out whether he was moving to another department, which would open his position and give me a last shot at the promotion I wanted.

Listening with a strange mix of calm and anxiousness. I had already determined that if my boss was staying then I was going to plan my exit. After 75 minutes, no word. So I casually, but deliberately, asked how his plans were working out for him. He quickly told me they weren’t and that he was staying.

And, quietly, resolutely, to myself I had my BoMo. I was leaving. I had to find my next thing, something new in my career that I loved.

Today, nearly half of U,S, employees say they are happy with their jobs, which is actually the highest in years. But the other half, not so much. For far to many work is just about paying the bills. It doesn’t have to be this way. Especially in challenging times, it’s easy to forget that you can carve out a career you really want.

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Po Bronson, author of What Should I Do with My Life?, says answering that question “isn’t just a productivity issue, it’s a moral imperative. It’s how we hold ourselves accountable to the opportunity we’re given. Most of us are blessed with the ultimate privilege: We get to be true to our individual nature. Our economy is so vast that we don’t have to grind it out forever in jobs we hate. For the most part, we get to choose.”

So, again, how satisfied are you with your career on a scale of 1 to 10? If your answer is 6 or below, what needs to change for your career to be a 10? Will you spend another year hating what you do to earn a living or will make a change so you’re loving life?

The choice is yours. The New Year is a blank slate ready for you to write LOVE all over it!


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