Beyond the Keynote: Panels 2.0

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Derek Hart of Get the Gigs Podcast and I talked about how to make a panel session exciting again! Meeting planners and audiences deserve it.

Here’s what we talked about:

  • What are panels 1.0 and why are they boring?
  • Standing up at the mic to ask a question doesn’t really work.
  • There’s a lot of planning and a lot of moving parts that go into a Panels 2.0.
  • If you’ve got a good keynote and a good topic, meeting planners are going to want to know, what else do you have to offer?
  • How can an add-on service, like panel facilitation, allow you to go deeper with your audience? And…while you’re at it, increase revenue!
  • Mary does a lot of work with women’s events.
  • What were some of Mary’s game changers in terms of branding and marketing?

Listen now!

[EVB POWER Plug Podcast] 4 Shifts Women Need to Make for Real Business Growth

Mary Foley Energize Your Career

Is your business making the revenue you envisioned? Are you feeling stuck and unsure what will get your business where you want it to be?

As the host of the EVB POWER Plug Podcast I spoke with Zee Worstell, CEO of AccelerateHER, about four shifts woman need to make for real business growth.

Click here to listen and learn:

  • What is limiting the revenue potential of many women business owners
  • Why passion isn’t enough to create a truly successful business
  • One of the biggest mindsets that women need to embrace to earn more
  • Practical steps to get a handle on your business finances
  • The difference between a network and a strong support system for your business

Goodbye Panels 1.0, Hello Panels 2.0

Mary Foley Energize Your Event

Boring Panel - cropped 2You’ve seen it happen yourself. You’re watching a panel discussion and one person starts to have “diarrhea of the mouth” (seriously, a meeting planner told me that). This is a classic Panels 1.0 problem.

There are others. Panelists give boring mini-presentations. Some panelists are too quiet and reserved.  The moderator asks uninteresting questions, doesn’t keep the conversation moving, or talks too much her/himself.  Perhaps the biggest problem with panels is that they lack the energy and interaction that audiences now demand, which is why I don’t recommend panels for any meeting.

Time to say goodbye to Panels 1.0. Not only are audiences so over the Panels 1.0 problems, they don’t want to just watch and listen to your special guests, no matter how interesting they may be (and, yes, they’d better be interesting!). They want to be a part of it.

Hello Panel 2.0


[EVB POWER Plug Podcast] How to Choose and Retain Great People

Mary Foley Energize Your Career

Not having enough or the right people can be a huge barrier to serving clients and growing your business.

As the host of the EVB POWER Plug Podcast I chatted with Tawanda Johnson, CEO of RKL Resources, about what it really takes to find, select, and retain great people for your business.

Click here to listen and learn:

  • How to truly figure out if someone “on paper” is truly a great fit
  • What behavioral interviewing is and why you should use it for employees AND contractors
  • When to do recruiting yourself and when to makes sense to get outside help
  • What to do when finding the right person is taking longer than your business can spare
  • The top 3 ways you can retain great people

3 Easy Ways to Add Interaction to Your Event Right Now

Mary Foley Energize Your Event

communication, friendship and people concept - happy young women meeting and talking in mall or city

“If you create interaction, they will come” is a mantra you want to adapt when planning a professional women’s event. After nearly two dozen interviews with event and meeting planners, it was clear that creative ways to design fun, inspiring, informative interaction was critical.

Jeanne Elipani is the meeting planner for the world’s largest conference and career fair for women in technology, the WE15 by the Society of Women Engineers, which attracts over 9,000 attendees. When asked what are the biggest factors to their event’s success, Jeanne’s first response was “using an interactive formula.”


[EVB POWER Plug Podcast] Big Business Social Media Strategies for Small Business

Mary Foley Energize Your Career

Christina-Dick-quoteNot every community bank is this cool. EVB, the first community bank in Virginia with a customized program for women in business called POWER, has now launched the POWER Plug Podcast.

And I’m honored to be the host! Expect to hear engaging interviews filled with advice, insights and recommendations to charge you up and build your business.

In episode 1 I talk with social media expert and PR maven Christina Dick, founder of TFB Agency.  Christina has designed and implemented social media campaigns with A-list businesses and organizations such as Walmart, GEICO and Capital One.

Now she is applying her big business expertise to small business success.

Click here to listen and learn:

  • How small business can be just as savvy, smart and effective using social media as big business
  • The top 3 social media mistakes by businesses she sees again and again
  • The short list of keys to any successful social media initiative
  • Recommended social media platforms and tools that she recommends
  • What you need to do now to create or re-create your social media plan for your business

5 Keys to Influencing Others in the Workplace or Marketplace

Mary Foley Energize Your Career

Business people shaking their hands to seal a deal

As a manager, co-worker, entrepreneur or parent, how much of your day is spent getting someone to say “Yes!” to your idea, to agree to funding, to buy your product or service, or to clean up their room?

Daniel Pink, author of To Sell is Human, determined from his research that on average we spend 40% or more of our time doing just that. In short, we’re all in sales. We’re all in the influence business – attempting to move people from where they are to where we want them to be.


Scream, Exhale and Smile Your Way to a More Satisfying Career

Mary Foley Energize Your Career

Angry young woman, blowing steam coming out of ears

There’s a trend happening with many of my mentoring clients that goes something like this:

“I’m soooo dissatisfied with my current career! I desperately want to make a change but I feel overwhelmed, scared and unsure how to start! Ugh.”

Ever thought that way about your career? Feeling that way now? It’s not a fun place to be.

You no longer enjoy what you do every day. In fact, you dread it. Your schedule is packed with activities that drain you. You feel scattered and pulled in multiple directions.

You feel stuck in a rut and you beat yourself up for not doing more about it.

Stop, just stop! Do this right now instead: scream, exhale and smile your way to a more satisfying career. Perhaps not the advice you expected, but it works.


The Easiest Way to Start a Conversation for the Shy or Shameless

Mary Foley Energize Your Career

So many people hate networking. Hate it! Because they don’t want to feel awkward, stupid, or speechless. But, they do it anyway and they try, they really try. Still, they stumble all over themselves and can’t wait for it to be over.

Is that you? It was me once. Today, people have a very hard time believing I was very shy as a little girl. In fact, as a first grader, my mouth was shut for so long, my lips dried together!

How did I overcome my awkwardness? What did I learn along the way about how the easiest way to start a conversation whether you’re shy or shameless?

Take a quick look and find out. Be prepared to be surprised – and relieved.

Instantly Increase Your Event’s Value with Structured Networking

Mary Foley Energize Your Event

Recently in a conversation with Grace, an event planner about an association’s annual conference, she told me “We need to do a better job with networking. That’s what people said they want more of and I’m not sure how.”

It’s a frustration I hear again and again from meeting planners. You include build networking time and opportunities into your agenda, but somehow it’s still not enough. Structured networking to the rescue, literally. Here’s why and how.